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You’re appreciated.

You are a game changer.

A ‘what if’

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Sometimes I want to take a risk and lower my walls for you.

However, I am unable to read the lines.

No assurance

Unstable mindset

No plans

My head is going to explode.

I cannot choose between what my heart wants and what my mind says.

Maybe we’re not meant to be together, at least at this very moment.

But I will keep praying.

For you

For us,

Because right now?

I require a man, not a boy.

I will wait for you to finally grow.

Discover things on your own.

Buy your own gas and spoil your parents with your own money.

I am rooting for your success.

And maybe if we both have things we want,

Have a stable plan.

Achieve our goals!

Maybe we can have each other.

We can open our hearts to try… to take a risk if we’re meant to be together.


I will keep praying for you.

For guidance and patience in

Waiting and decisions

Right now, I’m okay with being here.

On the sidelines

keeping myself busy so that when we both open up, we can make moves and take risks.

I am more than ready.

to be in your arms.

for a lifetime.

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