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Hi! It has been six months since that day. That day when I felt my heart shutter into tiny, little pieces. It has been six months since the day that I lost my best friend, my buddy (may it be in food, road trips, malling), my adviser, my basher, my dress critic, my make up critic, my partner, the one whom I felt and knew what true love to opposite sex is, my “love“, my “mahal“, my “Dear“.
As I stroll and look to every corners and stores of the mall that we used to go to when we we’re still together, memories of us came to me like a rushing flood. It seems like all of it was just yesterday. I actually don’t know why I came there at the first place, all I know is that my kinda icky feet brought me to that place. But as I remembered everything, it’s unveiling in my unconsciousness. I am missing you. I am missing us. I still can’t get over you. I love you still.
As I walk around and think, I thought to myself, it’s time for me to let go of the memories. To let go of the old us. To let go of you. You have been such a blessing in my life. You were there when the world around me can’t stand to be there for me, you were there when they can’t even understand me. You were there when I needed a shoulder to lean on. Even your shirts were there when I needed a hanky. Your arms were there for me to bite when I am in pain due to my monthly period, even though it seems so childish. You became my family. From the small things to the big things that you did for me, I’ll say, I really really appreciate it. I appreciate, most importantly, you. You were one of those many things whom God sent and used for me to grow, mature,and be who I am today. Thank you for your struggle with me in my spirituality. Thank God for your wonderful life.
Thank you for that three, full of a roller coaster experience years. You did a great job in doing what God has assigned you to do in my life. Now, I am finally letting you go. Releasing you wholeheartedly and speaking nothing but blessings, favor, abundance, and God’s will to be done in your life. I will be happy for whatever you’ll achieve in the near future. I pray that you will be the man who God willed, planned, and wanted you to be. Now, you’ll be the fullness, the finally, and not the almost of someone else’s life. You are born for God’s Kingdom! You are born for Christ-likeness! Shalom!
Releasing you,

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