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She saw the world through rose-colored lenses,

He saw it veiled in darkness.

She only saw the goodness in others,

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He understood humanity’s flaw.


She strived to make the world a better place,

He strived to make it better for her.

She reminded the hopeless to have hope,

He fought for others to remember, though he had forgotten himself.


She picked up the broken pieces others had left behind.

He took the shattered pieces from her, fearing her innocence shattered.

She fought hard for others,

He fought harder for her.


He thought she saw the world through rose-colored lenses,

She thought he saw it veiled in darkness.

He only saw goodness in others, but couldn’t see his own

Despite her “innocence”, she understood humanity’s flaw.


He sought to protect her from the world she fought for,

She sought to bring light to his darkening world.

All along, they were fighting against what each hoped to achieve.

She fought to bring him light, he fought to keep her in the dark.


She fell in love with an idea,

He fell in love with a character.

They fell in love with misconceptions of the other,

Failing to see what made each other strong.

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