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I love the moon
You love the stars
Why did you leave so soon?
Why can’t we just make our own universe together?

You left me wondering
Wondering why you’re gone.
And now I understand
Why you chose the Sun.

But I thought you love the universe as a whole
You love them, even when I was a black hole
Days that were dark as coal,
You saved my soul.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You’re like the earth to me,
I’ll always be your natural satellite.
But you revolve around the sun
Because for you, she brings light.

It is indeed a sight,
When it gives light in a dark night.
But a moon can’t bring one’s own light,
It came from the sun that is shining so bright.

So whatever the moon does,
It’ll always be nothing compared to the other.
Maybe something when daylight is at pause,
But your giant star will always shine brighter.

Even when the clouds cover
Making nights a little bit colder
Making you sadder
And makes you sit in a corner,

Remember that the moon is there
Cry your eyes and heart out, words you can’t bear
When life is unfair
Even when can’t be seen, the moon will listen and care

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