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While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Being MORE Handsome/Beautiful than him/her does not mean that he/she is LESS attractive. (It’s just that he/she isn’t used to skin regimens and facials.)


Being MORE Properly and Well-dressed and Stylish than him/her does not mean he/she is LESS fashionable and he/she looks Shabby. (We all have different wardrobe options and choices; different styling taste.)


Believing that you have MORE Income than him/her does not mean he/she does not have enough to support or has LESSER to give (He/She may earn less, but He/She is saving for something or He/She just doesn’t like showing off how he spends his own money.)


Thinking your social media posts and status are MORE appropriate and relatable does not mean he/she does not have a sense of humor and should limit posting and sharing online. (He/She just finds other things to be interesting that is different to yours.)


Being MORE mentally mature does not mean he/she is LESS dependable. (She/He just hides his/her maturity from acting and looking young, stress-free feeling.)


Having MORE praises does not mean he/she receives LESS appreciation and attention. (He/She just doesn’t want to be acknowledged at all times with all his/her works and achievements.)


Being MORE physically fit than him/her does not mean he/she is overweight and has LESSER strength. (He/She is just loved and fed properly and doesn’t care with what others say about his build.)


My Dear, Thinking you are The King or The Queen of your Kingdom does not mean He/She is not a Prince or a Princess in a town. We do not have to bring other people down if our standards are so high, or, what’s more important, is that we do not have to change our own unique qualities in order to meet those who want us to change to meet their standards.


I always believe that when you have MORE you’ll always be wanting for MORE. Without knowing that contentment has been banished from your vocabulary, and when MORE is gone, you also have a lot to lose. It’s harder to get over with.

God has created us in His own unique ways. Our differences from one another have a purpose. We share our similarities with one another, but become joyous and celebrate our differences because we gained something new; learned something different. God also wants us to be contented with what we have and to have an open heart and mind.

That’s why I always believe that LESS is MORE.

And I want to end this with a quote by Mary Ellen Edmunds saying:


“Wanting LESS is probably a better blessing than having MORE.”


-Kaye Cortes

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