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Sometimes, we feel like raising the white flag when life seems tough. Mistakes, heartbreaks, failures, and struggles – all these come crash landing on you making you helpless and worse, lifeless.

But, have you ever thought of a silver lining in every obstacle the comes your way? Have you ever thought of choosing to see the good in every situation? It may be difficult especially if you are reeling from problems that one after another but above all, there is hope.

In every mistake, there is a lesson. Lesson that teaches you to improve yourself and become better someday. Lesson that develops your wisdom to make sound decisions and choices as you grow older. Lesson that you always carry wherever you go.

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In every heartbreak, there is healing. Healing that teaches you self-love because you deserve it. Healing that picks yourself up and wipes your tears and pain. Healing that enables you to walk away from the past and move forward with greatness, happiness, and love.

In every failure, there is success. Success that teaches you to soar high with your feet on the ground. Success that encourages you to push for more. Success that reminds you to never stop reaching for your dreams and aspirations.

In every struggle, there is optimism. Optimism that drives you to go beyond your limits. Optimism that turns negatives into positives. Optimism that brings back the smile on your face and welcome the day with a grateful heart.

In every darkness, there is light. Light that shines deep down your core. Light that is your strength. Light that becomes a torch, so full and bright casting the darkness away and guides you to the right path.

In this world, there is US. We are God’s wonderful creations. We are amazing. We are worth it. We are a living hope. We are an inspiration.

Cheers to valuable lessons in 2020 and amazing adventures in 2021. Happy New Year! ###

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