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I’m sorry,

After I left you, there was a feeling that keeps me awake every night.

Unknowingly on my subconscious mind, i am thinking about you

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Is my decision to say goodbye on our 6 long years of relationship is the
biggest mistake of my life?

Did I made wrong choices? Did I made another mistake?

I am really selfish and self- centered?

I am guilty, and its hunts me every night.

Did my over thinking brought me into my biggest despair?

I want to say I am really sorry, for all broken promises.

For all efforts and plans that has been wasted.

I’m sorry for the time, for 6 long years that you spent on me.

I’m sorry for choosing not to stay.

I’m sorry if I caused you so much pain, and for all troubles that I made.

I’m sorry, if I did not say good bye properly. And I am sorry if I already
decided to leave before you know it.

I’m sorry, for not giving you time to build yourself again on our

And I am really sorry that I already gave up on us.

Even leaving you behind is my decision;
I will always want you the best and best of your life.

I always wanted you to be happy and fulfilled.

I always wanted that all of your dreams may come true.

I always pray for your safety and good health including your family.

Even I gave up on us, I won’t, and I will never give up believing in you.

It just me, that blocking the very best relationship that you can have with
perfect someone in the future.

I just believed that what we shared are all genuine and truth.

I just got tired. And this is me. Leaving you behind.

This is me, signing off being HANSY PATOOTSY.

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