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Have you ever thought of living in a fairytale? You being Cinderella, Aurora or Snow White. Well, I do. Ever since I was a child I’ve always ┬ádreamt of having a prince saving me from my distress.

I love watching those princesses meeting their true love and living happily ever after. I’m so fascinated with this kind of love story to the point that I spent a whole daydreaming of how that prince of mine looks? Is he also handsome? Is he also tall? Is he going to ride a horse? Or will that glass slipper ever fit to my foot?

I started dating during my college years, I’ve set my mind that prince must save me all of the time. So I went to 1st, 2nd and 3rd boyfriend.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


Well did I end up with something?



I ended up having a broken heart not once, not twice, but thrice.

Yes all of them gave that princess feeling because I met them at my most distressed states.

All of them are charming in their own way. What’s the matter? What’s happening? This doesn’t correspond to the books I’ve read? Why do they end up breaking my heart? Those swords they own were not made to protect me but to pierce my heart.

Again, 2018. I got my heart broken again. I was at my lowest pit. I feel like a frog not a princess. I’m being thrown away by these supposed to be princes. Again, I’m at my distressed state.

Yet I met another prince.

Hold up! I know what you’re thinking. “Hala ang rupok, di na natuto.”

He’s not like the other guys.

When I met that prince, he wasn’t as presentable or as charming like the others. But he captured my heart.

He picked up my broken pieces.

He healed my aching heart.

He loved me at my worst.

His words are so sweet, that it keeps me going everyday.

He always make me feel beautiful.

He always keeps his words and promises.

He traded everything just to have me.

Others pierced my heart, but he let others to pierce him just to save me.

He was ready to die for me just to keep me alive.

Do you wanna know who’s this?


JESUS! My Lord and my Savior. My Prince of Peace.

When I met Him, He wasn’t presentable as others. There was blood in His face, holes in His hands and crown of thorns.

His love is so great. No man can ever replace.

I may not have that eureka kind of love story but I have this beautiful kind of love story that is built with frienship, faith, trust and unconditional love.

This alone is enough.

I may not have a man but this Man is all I ever need.

I may not have a hand to hold but I have His hands that will take care of me. Hands that will carry me through all the seasons of my life.

Hi Jesus! I know you’re reading this! I just want to share our love story and it’s always an honor to be loved my Someone like You.

To God be all the glory.

JESUS, the lover of my soul.


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