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I always thought that love can only be found to the people around you.

Friends, family, and your partner.

I was wrong. Completely wrong.

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All along I thought love from these people are enough to fill the spaces in my heart.

Little did I know that once they’re gone, they leave nothing but emptiness in my heart.

Because believe it or not, people leave when they no longer need your help.

People leave when you no longer have the happiness they’re looking for.

People leave once they see the lowest point of your life.

Not all, but some of them, they do. People do.

It is where I asked myself, “Do I deserve this?”

“Am I not worthy into someone’s life?”


You are worthy in my life,” You answered.

I closed my eyes and let You speak in my heart.

My child, you are worthy in my life. You don’t need somebody else just to fill the spaces in your heart.

I can and I will always fill your heart with so much more than you’ve ever prayed for.

I hope you can still remember the day I told you how much I love you.

The day where I surrender my body and soul to save you.

The day where everyone laughed and yelled “crucified” then I looked at you, I can say that you are scared my child.

You are not scared of me but to the people around you. You are scared of their judgement and opinion.

You live with their moments and that’s when you forgot that I loved you first.

I loved you first that even if you questioned my presence in your life a million times, I will still carry you when you can no longer use your heart.

I loved you first that even if you seek love from other people instead of mine I still guard your heart because remember my child that is mine. You are mine  

Only in my presence is where you’ll experience contentment.

Only in my presence is where you’ll feel safe and sound

And only in my presence where you’ll no longer question your worth and purpose.

Come home my child, I am waiting for you.

You are loved. You are worthy. You are exceptional because you are my child. You are mine.

So if you ever feel no one loves you,

Always remember the day where I’m at the cross,

Looking at you with so much love,

Then I whispered, “My child, this is for you, I love you this much, this much”

Tears fell down as my heart beat went fast.

I realized that You were always there every single journey that I take

You carried me at times where I felt weak,

Where my eyes speak more than my lips,

You were there and You are always there

I smiled as I wipe my tears

And whispered,

“I am home Father, You are my home.”

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