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I may not know exactly how to be you.

I may not know exactly how you feel,

How to be always the “almost”.

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But I know that what you have gone through was never easy.

The pains, the rejections, the betrayals, the being not a priority, the feeling of being unloved, the feeling of being the last option, the feeling of being not enough; you have endured enough all of these.

Or maybe you have endured more miles than these.

To you, who was always almost.

The almost liked, almost chosen, almost loved, almost priority, almost the first choice, almost enough, and all the might be “almost”.

Please know that in spite of all those unlikeable experience you’ve gone through,

In spite of being, almost, there is Someone who loved you unconditionally, even in your darkest hour.

That this One has never almost loved you, never almost chose you, never almost made you a priority, never almost made you a first choice, and never looked at you as almost enough.

Because this Someone has really done.

He did really love you, He has really chosen you, He had really made you a priority, He had really made you the first choice, and He did really look at you enough.

He actually went more than that. He never hesitated to die for you.

He is not just almost. He is who He really is.

Please know, that all your sufferings, all your sleepless nights, all your pillow soaked in tears at night, all your unspeakable pain, all your silent scream, and your thousand deep little cuts; all of them are noticed and stared at by Him.

To you, who was always almost.

Thank you for not giving up.

Thank you for not quitting even if you feel like to.

Thank you for keeping pushing on.

Thank you for pressing a little more.

One day, that Someone will give you someone.

Someone who sees your worth as how your Creator sees you.


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