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Yes, this is for you.

To the girl who used to have my back, to you who used to listen to my rants and calms me down, to you whom I spent those sleepless nights with.

Its been almost 3 years but it feels like forever since we’ve crossed out paths. The day I saw how beautiful days can be just by looking in to your eyes. That day I tried to chase and be with you. But well its in the past and I know we’ve already learned a lot from it.

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But hey! I still want to thank you for those lessons you taught me. Thank you for the memories and heartbreak, happiness and loneliness and of course the feelings you make me feel. Thanks for making the butterflies fly around whenever I see you.

Those promises that we can’t keep but I know you now have someone to fulfill it, its just that It’s not me anymore.

You know all I want for you is to be happy and if letting you go is the way then so be it.

I never saw that bright and sparkling eyes when you are with me, but now I can see it clearly. I never get why Destiny is so playful yet very painful at the same time.

I know God is working in both of us and taught us a very important lesson that Not every one is our company for a life time, some are just companions towards the one who we are destined to be with. Now I know what he meant by that.

To the guy whom you will spend your life with, this is for you.

Please make her happy each and everyday. Make her eyes twinkle like the stars in the sky, the smile that could shine across the Universe even though it doesn’t shine in my galaxy anymore. Be patient with her and always be with her.

Most Importantly, Make her feel blessed and make God the center of you both. make her feel blessed of having you like how I felt when I have her.

And for now I’ll move forward and let God mold me to be the best version of myself so He could write the Best love story for me. Until then, I pray you Happiness and stay in love.

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