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My spirit knows I’m not alone but my flesh says the opposite. The lies of the enemy are so eager to contain my whole being. Family and friends may leave us for some reasons, but God will never abandon us. We may not feel it but He will find ways for us to realize it.
It was Friday morning when God reminded me of His unconditional love. I was totally drained that time. I didn’t know on what to do. One thing’s for sure, life must go on. I was on my way to work but my clock said it’s too early. I decided to go somewhere else. I went to a place where I can feel peace and wholeness. I walked and looked around. I’ve seen the beauty of God’s creation. I paused for a while; I heard the nature was screaming. I looked up and I’ve seen God’s love. I was totally overwhelmed. My mind couldn’t grasp His goodness. I was gently reminded; my heart was finally at peace. I was about to leave when another batch of trees yelled at me. I looked at them; I saw God’s love was on display. God moves in ways that I didn’t imagine. My mind was limited, but that didn’t stop Him to show His kindness.
Feeling depressed and unloved? Feeling helpless and unwanted? There will be times of hardships and brokenness; bitterness and failure. Cry if you want. Use your voice and shout it out. Pause for a moment. Be sensitive and use your senses. God loves you. He said it and He will prove it.

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