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When I first met you, I never had a clue that we can happen. I never had a clue that someday I get to decide to spend my lifetime with you. We’ve been together for years and you became both a man of my dreams and an ideal best friend. Everyday was perfect even if we have these petty fights and I would not let you hold my hand. With just an ice cream date, every argument melts and there we go, we become sweet again. But I thought it would just go on like that. The moment I knew you cheated on me, everything turned into darkness. You told me you were sorry and I melted to that warmth. You always know how to soften my heart and I always get this “amnesia” everytime.

They say love is always sweeter at the second time around but what I didn’t know is that everything can happen again. You promised but you did the same mistake again. I fell on my knees and I drowned from this deep pain. It’s the same questions that I’ve asked the first time this happened. “Why? Am I not enough? Am I worthless? Are they better than me? How can you hurt me like this? ” And the list goes on and on. That’s when I knew love should not be the thing that would destroy you.

You know how to chase my heart and melt me like an ice cream. But this time, I’m gonna be tough enough to walk away. I hope in your perspective, I did my best in loving you.

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I still cry myself to sleep but I guess this is how we grow. I thought we were endless but I guess it’s safe to say that we’re just like any other broken and sad stories. I guess this is the day that I stopped praying for our lifetime together and started praying for our healing and growth. I wish I can wipe the pain you’re feeling now and I hope someday I get to see you from afar happy and contented while reaching for your dreams. I’m finally letting you go. Dont worry love, I have already forgiven you.

To all who are reading this, never cheat on your partner/future partner. Most especially, don’t ever do it again. You don’t know how destructive the impact is to a person. Always remember that cheating is a choice. Healing from a pain is our own responsibility but this type of pain can scar anyone for life. God bless us all.

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