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Why would you accept something that is less than what you truly deserve?

You are God’s princess, You were bought at a price. You are and will always be unconditionally love by Him. Why settle for less, when God can give you His best?

Yes, they say that when you love someone, you accept that person of who he is. You try to understand everything. You don’t give up on that person. But sometimes kung lagi nalang ikaw at ikaw ang umiintindi, nakakapagod din.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I should never demand for attention, for time. Because if that person really knows me, he knows how important is communication for me. I should never beg, because i am a daughter of the King of Kings. I am a precious daughter of God, why would i beg from a person. If I will beg it should be from God. Because a person can’t give me what i need, but God knows what i need.

So, if he ignores you, let him. If he does not text or chat you that is ok. If he cut conversations short, let him. If he is making you feel like you’re a distraction in his everyday responsibilities and not a blessing,  then stop. Learn to stop. Respect yourself enough to walk away from situations that makes you feel less of what you truly are.

Remember, you are worth every attention anyone can give. You are worth of the time one can make for you. You are worthy of every effort one is ready to exert. Don’t settle for something that is less than you really deserve just to keep that person in your life.  If he is making you feel like a distraction and not a blessing and an option rather than a choice, maybe that is already God’s way of saying “Princess, Let go. I’ve got something better for you”.

It is ok to think of others, but never forget yourself. It is not bad to give but learn to leave something for yourself. Demand respect from yourself first. Respect yourself, love yourself like how God loves you unconditionally, so others won’t treat you less.

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