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Trust yourself.
Belittling your decisions, comparing yourself to other people, and isolating yourself with negative emotions, will just hinder your progression.

Hi self!!! I know that these past few days you’ve been struggling with a lot things. Your mind is so preoccupied by unnecessary things yet these keep on bothering you. I know that your situation is quite hard and painful. Yes, painful. Its hard isn’t it? Crying alone, silently processing your thoughts while your tears are continously flowing down to your cheeks. Is it painful? Yes, everytime you wanted to tell someone about that pain you’re feeling, you feel like you’ll gonna be a burdern to them and you dont want to do that. So you keep it to yourself. Yes, it is painful.

But you know what self, i am so proud of you! I am so happy that you are still fighting despite of all the hardships in your life. You are still climbing up, trying to reach the top even tho it causes you so much pain. See, you can do it!

Can I just ask for something? Self, will you please learn how to open up to someone? Please. I know that it was so hard for you to keep everything to yourself, breakdowns were most of the time happening yet nobody else noticed it. Please accept the fact that you also need help from other people. Stop contradicting your thoughts, stop hurting yourself, and please stop thinking you can do better alone.

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Self, you always read encouragements, motivations and word of wisdoms but let me tell you this. Those things are nothing if you do not trust yourself. If you keep on belittling your decisions, comparing yourself to other people, and isolating yourself with negative emotions, it will really gonna be hard for you to move forward.

Yes, life is hard. Life sometimes sucks. But girl, look at you! You are still continuously fighting the battle. Yo, trust the process. If you can’t understand the situation, if it is gives you an uncomfortable feeling, that doesn’t mean you have to stop. Darling, that only means, rest and continue. Rest in a sense that give yourself time to think, relax and meditate. Lastly, continue, move forward because there are still a lot of wonderful things waiting for you.

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