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Years ago we met in a very unexpected place at a very unexpected time. I felt that spark the first time our eyes met. You smiled and captured my heart in that moment. You were that perfect man in a world full of imperfections.
Time went by we both know that we liked each other. We started from being good friends to a couple. We shared a lot of good memories together, both far and near. We prayed together. Prayed for our marriage, the ministry and every other concerns. We studied the scripture and wrote sermons. You were my first critic in all the sermons I wrote. You taught me how to be that humble yet tough shepherd. I was so blessed that you were my man. You seems so perfect as a husband. And I told God everyday that you will be my last. That I will love you until my heart beats. That he would allow me to be your helper and fill that missing rib in you. I said you were enough and I would never ask for more.
You let me experience the best of times with you. You sacrificed so much just for us to be together. You fasted and prayed for everything to fall in it’s right place and right time. You made everything possible just to let me feel I am loved so dearly. You seek God first before anything else.
I tried my best to be that perfect woman for you. I prayed hard, stayed faithful, followed every little thing you said. I loved you with all my heart. It was like a story with no ending.
Yet, one day everything vanished. I checked my phone again and again but no message from you. I checked all emails but got nothing from you. I waited and expected you to just say a simple “Hi”. But there was nothing.
You were the perfect man I would never have again.
It was my fault why you left. You know I tried but it didn’t fit the standards you’ve set.
You may have left me without even saying a single word yet I am forever grateful for your life.
Thank you for letting me know that I am that ever strong woman who rests her soul in her Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for teaching me how to value my family so much. You and your family showed me why. Thank you for loving me behind my imperfections. And lastly thank you for letting me realized that God has a greater plan for the both of us. We may have parted ways but our relationship was a wonderful one.
I may be in pain right now but I know God will heal me in perfect time for there is a time to get hurt and a time to heal as his words says. I may always long for your presence but God is letting me feel right now that his presence must always be enough. I may always hope to meet you again but God reminds me to look forward without expecting something from people around me yet to expect great things from Him alone. Indeed you were a perfect man who made me realized that God is more than perfect, more than everything else in this world. I love you yet I should love God more.
Till we meet again? My Oppa! 🇰🇷No more expectations!❤

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