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You see a girl standing. Waiting for the bus. Her hair all curled up with her fringe hanging just nice through her forehead. Her lips are pink from from the new cosmetic she just bought. Her blouse falls perfectly through her shoulder. She’s listening to a song while waiting. She smiles and nods her head to the beat of the music. You see her and you think, wow! She got it all together. 

Seeing her makes you think, how lucky that girl is. 

But dear one, what you don’t see is the girl who goes home almost midnight, facing her laptop finishing up a few documents with her hair all bun up, lips pale and clothes worn are one size bigger than her. She could have been a student whose burning the midnight oil to meet her deadlines or she could  even be a young professional whose career is taking a toll of her mentally. She could be a lot of things. But one thing for sure is, she is she.

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She who feels lost at times and wonders where will life take her. She who can’t help thinking about the most negative things because life can be tough at times. She who cries at night because she’s just too tired. She who writes down all the good and bad about her day because she’s not the type to tell others. She who can get emotional about the smallest things. She who hides behind prison walls because of every sound judgment addressed to her.  She who builds walls in every relationships she gets herself in, she is she.

But even though life throws her curve balls which most of the time she cannot handle, still she persisted. 

She persisted because she knew that everything that happens in her life is sought through by someone who is higher than anyone. She has God in her life. She has accepted the fact that she would feel lost from time to time, but she knows God will guide her path along the way. She holds on to His promise that He has great plans for her, plans to give her a future and not to harm her. She is still learning that when dark clouds invade her thoughts, these are just merely sweet lies whispered by the enemy. She now knows that God will comfort her tears and that the Lord will always be the one to sustain her though every trials she faces. She knows that every prayer she speaks, God listens and God hears it. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff anymore, because she has learned to lay it down to the Lord. She has changed her perspective deal with everything with grace and love. She tries her best to renounce every unnecessary emotion that would make her fuss about the smallest things. She doesn’t fear criticism or sarcasm from people anymore, instead she turns it into something to pounder about and to improve on. She learned that building walls has its perks as well, she is still learning to balance building walls and being vulnerable in relationships.

She is she.

She is more than what meets the eye. She is more than her smile. More than how her hair flows through her forehead. She is more. If you would look deep beneath the sparkle in her eyes, you would see a vast ocean of stories yet to be untold. And although she struggles, she still chooses to stay connected with the One true source, the source of her happiness and smile. 

The next time you see a girl and think how lucky she is, my dear she’s not lucky, she is blessed beyond measures, because she has God in her life. 

Every person has their own story to tell, every person wakes up to experience the next page in their life, written by the greatest author of them all. Yet her story is far from finish but God promises her that the best chapter is yet to come. 

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