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To the one who build me up and tear me down,

Somehow sometimes, we thought we’re a part of something so we wait.. woke up in the morning because that was only a dream..

A sweet, romantic and joyful kind of feeling.. that suddenly turned into sadness, a suffocating feeling..

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Eyes were smiling whenever I saw you coming..

Heart pumps so fast as they spoke that name of yours..

Love seeing that fascinating eyes.. that charming little eyes..

..and your smile? Oh, how your smile gave me the reason to daydream all day..

I’ve drew a portrait of you to remember, just how good you are to me..

I’ve composed a song about our story, and thinking maybe I could sing you this with my soulful heart..

I’ve written love letters, full of imaginations, my maybes, my what ifs and thinking maybe I could give it to you, or even tell you these things.. just to show you how much I’m in love with you..

But all of these were just a dream..

I keep waiting for someone whom I thought the one.. but no, it’s a no.

We’re just a lie.. only a lie.

Hatred upon me.. confused, can’t imagine things would be this way.. I felt like a target a practice, I couldn’t breathe..

Portraits destroyed, composed music deleted, shredded love letters.. all for my suffering heart.

Yet we can’t blame anyone, for each of us is responsible of our own feelings, own thoughts, and expectations..

So maybe someday, when years have passed, when this heart is fine, I could tell you this.. I could even tell you this laughingly, no hurt feelings.. just a pure and whole of me, who just genuinely.. happy.


The girl who can’t be moved.

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