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            I can’t deny the fact that I never expected you to be a huge part of my existence. We started like we’ve known each other for so long when the truth was, we just knew each other for month. You always bring the best part of you being my cure for the silence pain I’m going through. You filled in what I’ve been longing for.  You managed to accept how terribly nuisance I am.
            So this is how we end up. Friends with benefits. I’ve never been in this kind of set up. I don’t get to used to being served but you made me feel special. Superior. Inner desire is not a big deal at all though we both enjoyed it real time.. At the end of the day, what remains is how we started. Real friends. Who knows every tiny darkest secret of our being. And I’m so thankful for that. I am thankful that you accepted all my flaws without hesitation. I will forever keep this friendship and value you like how you make me feel my worth as a being. No strings attached just friends.
            What fears me most is, that one day I will woke up like your just part of my memory. That there will come a time that everything needs to end. Everything has to stop. I know nothing is constant, but I’m still hoping that fate will not lead us to part ways.         

 Truth to be told, I may not fell in love with you and will never be, but I know for sure that I can’t afford to lose someone like you.I can’t afford to lose the friendship we have.

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