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I can still remember the first time I drank a cup of coffee. The coffee was black; my first sip, bitter. Confused, I never understood why people, especially the older ones, loved to drink such a bitter liquid. But now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I couldn’t agree better to their sentiments.

Unlike my first sip of coffee, my first take on love was sweet. It was pleasant and exciting. My first love was like a bottle of soda; addicting yet intoxicating. You’d never know when you’ve had too much until that sweetness kills you slowly.

And there it was, the first taste of broken heart. But I long for sweetness and so, I fell for it again; accepting the same fate of pain. 

Finding relief through coffee made me realise that love stories do not revolve with love alone. It takes a good mixture of acceptance of risks (coffee grounds), a reasonable amount of sweetness (sugar), mixed together in love (an ounce of warm water) and stirred with faith (spoon). Of course, there’s that cup that will hold them together (trust); forged to withstand the heat and falls.

But sometimes, the cup is weakened and chipped until one unfortunate fall eventually breaks it. All that’s been blended is spilled out and lost. There, I learned how trust holds the necessities of a relationship. 

In enjoying the bliss of being in a relationship, we care too much on the sweetness and love alone, forgetting about the trust that should have been taken care of just as much. In the end, we blame the person holding the cup. 

So if we want a lasting relationship, choose the person who would keep our trust in tact while maintaining a good and warm blend of love, sweetness, level of acceptance and faith. Not too bitter, not too sweet. Make it just right in the feels. Go on, take a sip!