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"Hue, different colored hues are putting on a spectacle. 
Clear blue skies turned to canvas of wonders. 
As the sun bids farewell for today,  
your soul suddenly  indulged in wander.

What lies beyond? You ask, 
Will it ever comeback? You ponder,
Questions that leads your heart to falter. 

Confusions clouded your intuitions, 
Elysian fields interfered your reality 
losing sight on  things that really matter. 

Stop barking at the wrong tree, 
You have the power to change the world  
that's what I've learned. 

YOU MATTER, a gentle whisper from your  soul that yearns,
YOU ARE LOVED, a passionate touch from your  heart that burns. 

YOU ARE REAL, so as the wrinkles on your forehead  
and the dimples on your cheek, 
YOU ARE YOUR PERSON and you are  not a mainstream.

So- wake up beautiful one your reality is not a dream, 
Remember the magic you felt as you stood 
on twilight's gleam."

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