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Written on 03.03.21
Title: ONE
Wounded i come to you
Unaware of my deep pains
Things around me are meaningless
All i know is live on my own limits
I was dumb of all the things I have
I was blind from all the glory of this world
I stubbed myself by my own pride
I was blank, no directions, pointless.
You came. I rode. I went with the flow with you.
I rowed, closed eyes trusting your hands
I towed myself with all my might
Tried not to get lost from the grip of your hands
I opened my eyes, caught my breath,
Run from every hard beat my heart made
Grasped your hands to embrace me
I’m glad I still caught you not in dreaming.
You are me. I am you.
You are my first aid and I am your lifeline.
Wounded I am not because your heart keeps healing me.
I am you and you are me.
Thank you for you and I are us.

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