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It’s been a while but then I’m still in love with you, when I met you again I thought you came back to stay for good. We got to know each other again, we started talking everyday, you made me happy and you saved me to the storm I’m stuck in. We had a really great time together. But now, How can I ever forget you?

I never stopped thinking about you. And until now I’m asking and clueless on what really happened to us. We were so happy, so sure back then. I don’t know where it went wrong and all of a sudden it changed. I thought everything was fine between us. I never thought you’d let go of my hands again because you promised you never will. But you watch me to go without even telling me not to.

I won’t ask you to stay or force myself to you. I know the fact that maybe this isn’t the right time again for us. We weren’t ready to the relationship we expected. Maybe we both need to shape ourselves in our own time in order to be fit together. I’m hoping and praying that someday we will cross our paths and we can start all over again. You will always be the right person for me, just not at the right time.

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