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First love is always the sweetest, the one that is unexpected, the one that is uncontrollable, the one that makes you question the hows, whys, and whens, the one that makes your heart giddy every time you remember how it first started, the one that makes you laugh every time you tell them to people, the one that has no feeling of regrets of opening your heart to someone, the one that is intensely defying ones standard, the one that is peculiar, the one that is something in between platonic and romantic love, the one that is confusing yet firm and stable, the one that makes your heart conceive emotions of pain and happiness at the same time, the one that is pure, the one that is not finding, the one that is carefree and living, the one that is genuine, the one that reminds you to take risk, and lastly the one that is most painful to handle when you know that the one you love for the first time–the feeling of loving that someone–the feeling of love for the first time won’t last for a long time. Lucky those who found their first love and their lifetime at the same time.

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