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“To the person reading this with a tired soul and a restless heart, I hope you find the courage to choose yourself.”

Magpakatotoo tayo, it’s not easy to let go. Just so you know, letting go is not a sign of weakness, it may also mean choosing yourself. Kasi minsan it’s not your worst enemies that will break you the most, it’s the people you let closest to your heart that will. I have this weird belief that if you don’t let go, God will make it hurt and force you to. Always remember that letting go is not giving up, it only means that you’re ready to stop fighting a losing battle. Move on, that’s life. Sometimes we think that loving someone is enough to continue our katangahan. Sobrang dami mo ng sacrifice, effort, all in, extra mile for it to work, thinking na “mahal ko eh.” Listen, it’s not enough na mahal mo lang. Know that it’s okay to love them but love itself isn’t always enough to make someone stay or make a relationship work. Don’t get me wrong, love in a relationship is important. Pero its 2020 wag ka puro puso, wag ka makiuso sa pagiging marupok.

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If you ask me, pero sis, “What are the signs to know that it’s time to walk away?” Simple, it’s if that relationship or whatever fling you have brings you more pain than happiness. “Hindi naman puro happiness ang love or relationship” I HEAR YOU! For me a good relationship meets halfway. It takes two to cuddle and if all the effort is on you and no support? Walk away.

We all deserve to have someone who will not give up on us. We deserve someone who is proud to have us. We deserve someone who means their “I love yous”. Someone you won’t question their intentions for you. We deserve someone who will try and risk it because no matter how scary it might be, YOU, will always be worth it for them. Wait and pray for what you want and allow the miracles you deserve. 

Iniwan ka na din ba? Naka-bitaw na ba sya bago ka mag give up? This is for you. If that person left you without second thoughts or even the slightest bit of regret losing you, LET THEM GO. Don’t send them a long paragraph text saying you miss them or how hurt you are after they left you hoping they’ll realize what they lost because trust me, THEY KNOWthey just don’t love you enough to fight for you. If a person wants to keep you, no one, even their own pride, can stop them. A person who doesn’t see your worth is a person who’s never going to love you the way you deserve.

One of the most courageous things to do in love is to let go pero HOW DO YOU SURVIVE A ✨BREAKUP✨?

  1. TAKE YOUR TIME, it’s okay to be sad! Acknowledge your feelings, remember that pain demands to be felt. Let yourself feel feelings. Take it as a minor setback, a moment of weakness, cry over it, be sad about it pero BANGON. Usad tayo
  2. STAY SINGLE AND DONT DATE TOO SOON! If you jump right into a new relationship, are you happy? Or just distracted. Take a step back, breathe and re-evaluate your life choices. Don’t settle with what’s infront of you, know what you want. Focus! Love yourself and let love find you at the right time.
  3. FIND YOURSELF. Learn more of what you love, discover your goals and focus on your ambitions. The best revenge is success and happiness.
  4. RECONNECT WITH YOUR OLD FRIENDS. There’s no better support than your friends and family.
  5. Enjoy the freedom of being single and know that you will attract the right love someday. 

Soon enough, you will meet a person who’s tired of fake love. Someone who will love you like how you wanted to be loved by your past. Someone who will treat you the way you deserve and actually see your worth. Someone who will stay no matter how challenging your relationship can get. Someone who will appreciate, support, and comfort you. Until then, pray for your person. Pray that you’ll recognize it when love comes your way. Pray that it will last.

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