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Tips Paano Mo Malalaman Kung na-“Zombieing” Ka Na

Isa sa mga deadly moves ng mga immature na tao ang “Zombieing”. Hindi tulad ng “Ghosting” na bigla silang magpaparamdam nung una at pagkatapos ay biglang mawawala na parang multo, ang “Zombieing” naman ay di ka bibigyan ng chance to move on dahil bigla silang bumabalik sa hukay to play with your emotions again.

Usually the zombieing happens just when you’ve gotten over the hurt of having them ghost you in the first place. Then, all of a sudden, they subtly reappear (Oh ayan na naman siya nagcha-chat!) causing more emotional upset.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Tell-tale signs:

  1. Suddenly biglang magpaparamdam na parang walang nangyari sa inyo.
  2. They are not repentant sa ginawa nilang ghosting or pananakit sayo, pero they will try to win your heart again.
  3. There’s no clear direction bakit gusto uli bumalik.
  4. Nagpalit ka ng malupet na profile pic at bigla siya napa-“whats up”.
  5. Umaatake sila pag alam nilang vulnerable ka at may feelings pa.
  6. Bored at walang makausap so ikaw napagbalingan ng atttention, at least for now.
  7. Aalis uli, ghosting again. Now that’s zombieing.

However if someone bravely reaches out to you with an explanation of their absence and expresses a desire to see or speak to you, that’s a different story. What’s important to remember is that if that person doesn’t have the courage to have a straight up conversation with you, then they don’t deserve to be a part of your life again.

How To Fight Zombieing, lalo na si Zombie-Ex?

  1. You need to stay away from that toxic guy or girl to start to heal. Di na naman sa BITTER tayo, hindi lang tayo willing magpaka-tanga ULI.
  2. Always define the relationship. Ask the intention. Wag mag-assume uli, manage your expectations.
  3. It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Linawin!
  4. Grow up. Don’t always follow your feelings.
  5. Tampalin mo ng cactus!

Ikaw, ano tips mo about “Zombieing”?

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