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A blissful feeling is what they’ve characterized Love with. Nonetheless, Loving someone would always involve pain and sacrifices for the one you love. No matter how much we give Love that ideal version of ever joyful bliss, we would always come to a realization that sometimes being in pain doing sacrifices for the one you love despite how agonizing it is defines Love in its truest form. For one can always see the worth of a thing by the sacrifices you would be willing to undertake for it. They say True Love is dying for your Beloved but Sometimes enduring a sacrifice and to continue Living for your Beloved is what True Love means.

I’ve seen the demons you say that lingers with you
And all the worst things you probably knew
Yet even if it means I’d be with you in the depths of hell
Just as long as we are lost in an amour no one can tell

Should this desire be the death of me
It wouldn’t matter in the name of love for thee
Let me be your Romeo and You my Juliet
Let us face together the torment destiny have set

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I’ll hold tightly these roses
Albeit with thorns for you I’d do my princess
Nothing tastes sweeter than a love like this
Being indelibly chained in a painful bliss

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