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I wonder how trees are not tired of standing every season. how they changed their appearance, colors, and textures. It’s so fascinating that God made a nature where it teaches us in some ways, like how a tree can still hold on deeper in its roots even when there’s a storm; it may seem the saddest season to see a tree losing its leaves when it’s autumn, but it gives us peace for our sanity. Humans are patiently waiting for summer to gather their families for outings and celebrations at the beach. All these things are astonishing to know if we only look deeper into nature.

It somehow taught us how it could relate to us as humans. There are times that we don’t feel whole and are down, maybe because of the problems, worries, and trials with which we are dealing in this world, or there are days when we feel that we are too lost and the purpose is nowhere to be found. Just like the seasons, we as human beings will go through different phases in life. Just like the trees, we need to go through different seasons to get our spring and summer. We will surely get tired along the way and try to surrender because of the weight of uncertainties. We need to know that everything has a purpose; even when you feel like you’re in the middle of the storms, there’s a purpose to that; there’s a mystery to every breakdown; there’s assurance in the winter that you will get your awaited summer soonest. So, if you’re at the point in your life where you don’t know where this life is leading you, just remember the tree that you see anywhere. how they survived, overcame, and defeated every season, and because they have purposes and reasons why God created them, no matter what phases they are in, they keep standing still. Know that you need to know where your roots are and go deeper to understand them so that you will know where to get your hope and strength, and surely you’ll find your purpose along the way. Your fire may dim, and you may be encouraged to take a different path. You need to stand still on your faith, even when it feels like you can’t, even when you’re afraid to go out of your comfort zone, even when it’s hard to be firm in this world. Just like seasons, I believe that God put us in different seasons in life to understand that no matter what season you are in, to Him is the only assurance that He is in control. You will get exhausted, you will get anxious, or your prayers will go unanswered. But there’s a higher God behind that, and only He knows why He put you there. That’s why when we hold on to His promise, even though we are confused about what our purpose is, we can still be firm that one day, through your faithfulness, obedience, persistence, and grace, the Lord will lead you and reveal to you why he let those things happen, and surely soon enough, when you get to that point, you will thank Him for putting you on the battle field and moulding you to what pleases Him.

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