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Please don’t make me attached if you won’t keep me. I know in the first place that our so-called “relationship” is unclear. You see me as someone important, I guess? But is it enough for me to rely on mixed signals? Confusion starts to enter my heart. I feel happy whenever you’re there, whenever we talk and whenever you make time for me. But are those reasons enough for me to feel this way? I know I might get hurt. I know I could end up crying and make myself feel that love is impossible and hard to find. But again and again, when you’re there, all of my logic starts to fade. All that’s left is pure feelings and sentiments of longing for you more and more everyday.

I hope someday you see me. See me as I see you.

I hope someday you see me. See me as I see you. Not just someone who listens to your stories, but someone who could be a part of your story. Please don’t make me attached too much. I am a girl who knows my worth. For I am sure that when things are getting complicated, I will always choose myself; even if it painfully requires me to lose you for good.

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