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To you who never said a word,

Who chose to love me from a distance.

To the one who never had a chance,

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The one whom I silently adore.

The one whose priority is the Lord.

Thank you for all the things we’ve shared,

Thank you for all your efforts unheard.

Thank you for listening to all my nonsense

And most of all, for loving God first.

It is true that love is an action,

But without a word, it is left abandoned.

I hope one day we’ll find strength,

In Jesus, who orchestrated our fate.

You have guarded my heart for a long time,

But I still pray for God to clear the signs.

To the heartache that I never had,

To the love story that I wish to have,

To my friend who treasures my heart.

I will see you again at the place,

Where God is the center of all our days.

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