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For all of the single women out there,

I’ve been observing your posts for the past couple of months in Facebook. Every single time you encounter some romantic scenes whether in TV, Books, Series or Movies posted here in Facebook or even posts, you always share it with caption: “Pahingi naman ng isang*insert Celebrity Name* or  kahit isang *insert fictional character from Books or Movies* lang po”; or #SanaAll. Also, you shares some posts related to #RelationshipGoals, hoping that you achieve them.

Some men will do anything just to reach the standards and to meet your expectations, losing his money and yet his own identity in exchange. You know what, I can’t help but to shake my head and having a ‘facepalm’ whenever I see your posts. You are swallowed by Standards created by Social Media, TV, etc. Standards which destroyed us – the simple guys. Making us to refrain from dating or hiding on our respective Hideouts.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

This will lead to you asking the million dollar question: “Meron pa kayang matitinong lalake?”

In order to answer that question. You have to stop… PLEASE STOP:

Please stop asking this question. This question has an obvious answer. In order to answer that…. again, PLEASE STOP:

PLEASE STOP COMPARING your love stories to the ones you see in TV, Books,etc . Expecting the cheesy and romantic scenes to happen like: letting yourself getting wet in the rain, waiting for your so-called Knight in Shining Shimmering Armor to lend his umbrella; The airport scene wherein the guy will do anything to pass through the security and dodging the security guys just to declare feelings for you on the last minute before departure; Down on our knees in front of many people holding a placard of apology. Damn, we are in reality, not just in some sort of Nicholas Sparks, John Green novel or any typical rom-com movie. It’s still the best when God writes your love story. More cheesy than Twilight, The Hows of Us, and your all-time favorite – A Walk to Remember.

PLEASE STOP VISUALIZING the “MR. Right” must be resemble to your all-time favorite novel characters. The epitome of alpha-male wearing in suits, living in the mansion, having an exotic job, possessing the adonic persona. I know who you are thinking – CHRISTIAN GREY. This man is a work of fiction. You may meet him, but he’s maybe a jerk. Maybe the #Warrior hides in a persona of a socially awkward-nerd-super nice guy who tries his best stucked in the Friendzoneville.

PLEASE STOP BELIEVING that your love will change his bad-boy attitude. Let me tell you a harsh truth. Well, this mindset is subconsciously feeding your ego, ladies. Your ego having him changed is ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED, (Insert Final Fantasy XI Level Up Sound) isn’t it?! Believe me or not, A man will change for his own good and if he really loves you.

PLEASE STOP EXPECTING us guys to give you long, sweet messages every single morning. Also, stop expecting us to reply fast. Seriously, we are busy working hard just to earn for our expenses. Those who are not busy are bums wasting idle time in nothing.

PLEASE STOP IMITATING these #RelationshipGoals you see in Facebook wherein you will receive bouquet of roses, MAC Lipkits, brand new “kicks”, taking you to the expensive restaurants and any other luxuries.(Tell me the truth, are you looking for a boyfriend or a sugar daddy?!)You know what is the ultimate #RelationshipGoals? MARRIAGE!

PLEASE STOP BELIEVING in ‘love at first sight’, ‘love conquers all’. Real people and relationships take time to develop. Movies always done this sh*t for romantic and convenient purposes. Also, relationships take a lot more than just love, ignoring that is will result in catastrophe.

LASTLY, PLEASE STOP PRACTICING the so-called DOUBLE STANDARDS. As I recall when the blockbuster hit ‘Kita-Kita’ by Empoy and Alessandra De Rossi released in cinemas, A lot of hopeless romantic Ladies, after they watched the movie or even the trailer posts go like this: ” Isang Tonyo lang oh!”with matching crying emoji. And I was like: “Seriously,  you want a Tonyo but you cannot even entertain a suitor who looks like Empoy” .#GirlNaman. Seriously, this gives me cancer. Logic not found.

Please stop and come up to your senses.. PLEASE DON’T LET MEDIA create the “Intergalactic Standards” for you. Men are not Aliens!

For the last time…. PLEASE STOP!


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