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Have you ever met someone, and then you’ve been attracted to him? And then you asked God “Lord, kilala Ka po kaya niya?”

Have you ever prayed for him who doesn’t even know your name?

Have you ever rooted for him from a far or by just looking at his social media accounts?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Have you ever cry to God to protect him in his journey?

Have you ever wished for his happiness even if it’s not meant to be with you?

Have you ever realized that it is possible to love someone who doesn’t even know you?

Have you ever realized that you can’t pursue him because you are the girl and you deserve to be pursued?

Have you ever asked to yourself, “may pag-asa kaya na magustuhan niya ako kapag kilala niya na ako?”

Have you ever been so harsh to yourself thinking you are not his type?

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you looked into his facebook account and liked his very old posts accidentally?

Have you ever add him as a friend on facebook after how many years?

Have you ever so happy when he accepted you as his friend on facebook?

Have you ever been so happy when he recognized your post and reacted to it?

Have you ever send an accidental message to him then removed it?

Have you ever send him a message asking for his prayer requests?

Have you ever realized that no matter what happens you will be thankful to God because you met him?

Have you ever surrendered your heart to God? And said “Kung siya talaga ang para sayo, siya talaga”

Have you ever realized kaya wala kang boyfriend ngayon kasi siya yong gusto mo? Pero baka hindi ka niya gusto?

Have you ever thanked God because you’ve been experiencing these?

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