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Independence taught me how to be strong even if I’m weak.

So I learn to acknowledge the reality of life’s mediocrity. Seeing that my efforts were all useless as I toil to the mundane, I realized how exhausting it is to get used to life’s dramatic episodes– those things that seemingly unbearable to a finite person like me.

Meanwhile, I choose not to wallow in my predicament and start to expose my vulnerability as a human being. It might display my weaknesses but it can also serve as an open door for me to admit that I’m frail and not strong enough to stand alone, that I need to know what to deal and how I can deal with it through the help of other people and Him.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I choose not to dwell in a disposition consumed by the well threaded frustrations and self-imposed afflictions. I will keep on track even tho the path is quite rocky and hard. I would rather fight and take the challenge of life’s insanity than to be a nail biter who would stop and isolate himself. I will now doubt my doubts and start to believe the Unseen.

I choose not to be pressured by the social context that I need to compete under the limelight and perform to become “someone” in life in order to be accepted. Enough with the worth playing mind-set that I will not amount to anything unless my status says so. There’s more at stake than I to be wealthy!

I choose not to get provoked by the norm that romantic relationship is the key to attain real happiness in life; yes it can be a source, but it’s still temporal, a functional one. So i slapped my face and say to the mirror “Hey, wake up! you are significant and unconditionally loved by your Creator”.

I choose not to limit my capacity to somehow love the unlovable. I admit that It’s not easy but they too deserve to be loved as we are also longing for it. May our hearts yearn to these people ’cause love is meant for reconciliation not division.

Lastly, I choose not to be defined by other people because the Author is the only one worthy of doing it. He’s the one who makes this wonderful story of mine and to Him I solely depend.

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