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Set things clear! You don’t treat women carelessly, you don’t play with their fragile hearts. You set the line because you will marry only one.

In observing the relationship of Jesus with the church, His goal was to LEAD not to MISLEAD. So don’t do “pa-fall” things or subtle “ninja moves” that will cause them to get caught in a snare.

A man of God is a man of conviction and word. You don’t defraud a woman! You pursue while being rooted in the word of God, you pursue not because it’s the norm but because you are a fully convinced son and heir of God.

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You don’t collect women, they’re not collectible items anyway. You respect them! You help them protect their identity by being very careful of your ways toward them. You treat them with absolute purity. You enter into a relationship not because you only want to satisfy the call of flesh but you intend to bring her to the altar and say “I do” in front of the people and of God. Your authority is not meant to be used in enslaving women but to remind them that their worth is far more precious than jewels.

You are to uphold God’s standard. You are a man of integrity, created with a sole purpose of honoring God. A man is called to invest his time in developing other men which will later on develop others as well. You are not to rely on your own perspective but to follow the will of God. You are to love the church the way Jesus loved them.

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