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Remember when you first fell in love? You thought, she’s “the one.” She fell for you too then you discussed your future with her. Having home, having kids, as if you were married. But the problem is you were only 13.


Your heart broke eventually, the feeling of forever with her became a history. You learned that in this life, nothing last… even the “love” you thought that will never end. You learned your lesson.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


One day, your heart pounds again, the same feeling when you were 13. But this time, you’ve got a little experience. You’re too careful not to drown in the ocean of betrayals.


Even knowing the danger of not making alive, you risk to swim. Let alone the waves crashing through your face, you’re willing to sacrifice.


Funny thing when you’re in love is you being more religious, you pray a lot. Asking for strength, racing the waves, crossing the mountains, flying the sky. You turn struggles into adventure. Just like a silly teenager.


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