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You’ll never know unless you try. It’s better to take risks to something you really wanted to do even if it doesnt guarantee you a total success at the end. Rather than never trying doing it at all and regret for the rest of your life.

Refrain from ‘playing it safe’ because it’ll never transport you into a higher level nor towards success. You may feel like you are secure and still, but there isn’t any growth and learning in staying at one place all the time. It’s pointless.

Refrain from spending too much time trying to please everyone around you nor trying to meet their expectations. Because you are you, you do not belong to anyone but yourself.

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It is our ‘willingness to take risks’ that quench our inquiries in life. So unless you don’t wanna die full of regrets… Take a step and do it now. Believe in your capacity and aptitude,because no one else will… except you.

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