A Time to Reflect on Your Relationship Priorities


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Boiling Waters PH.

Boring kaya walang ka-date. Mas boring pa kung sa bahay lang. Lumalabas na ang mga ninja para magpampalipas oras. Protect yourself mga ppol.

Suggestion lang, spend this time to mold yourself in the Lord. Baka indi mo pa kilala sarili mo eh. Date mo muna si Lord bago makipag late-night talks. Siya kaya muna ang gawin mong early morning date, mas mabuti pa. So I would like you to ponder on the following thought.

Learn to love yourself muna kaya. Prioritize the Lord first. Why? Because everyone has that gaping hole in their hearts that only God can fill. If money is your number one priority, then not only are you committing idolatry, but you are using money to fill that gaping hole. Ever wondered why many rich people commit suicide even if they had everything? It is simply because they lack purpose in life, one that can only be found in God, yet they expect money to do that for them. It is the same with career.

Now, if relationship is your number one priority, if it is competing with God’s place in your life then you are doomed for disappointment and toxicity. Sa mga may past experiences na diyan, alam niyo po ito. You, my dear friend, are using that specific relationship, that specific person, to fill that gaping hole in your heart. You are simply putting undue pressure on that person and relationship to fill the missing love in your heart that God can only fill. Believe me, that hole is so big not even possessions and material items could fill it. That is why relationships are toxic kahit anong claim pa ng tao na “christian” yung specific relationship na iyon. A true God-centered relationship is putting God at the center, as that relationship’s number one priority. That is why many leaders say “Be filled first by God’s love.” because BOTH persons need to have their priorities aligned right, with God at the top, before loving each other already with the overflow of love that came from God Himself. Kahit mag-asawa na nga eh, inaadvise pa rin na unahin si God bago yung isa’t isa.

So take this quarantine time, to do what you love and to mold yourself in the Lord. By the way common na yung idea of “waiting for the right one” and “being the right one”. That is why in this waiting season, you need to PREPARE yourself in the Lord. Because if God will present an opportunity to you, will you be ready for it?