"Why I love rain.."


Sometimes, I ask myself, why do I love rain so much? Why does it calm me whenever I hear it? Why does it make me feel safe as I watch those droplets hitting wherever it lands? Well, rain pours because it’s heavy for the clouds to carry, and some scientific reasons behind that can explain it perfectly.

If you look closely at each drop, you’ll see that they somehow have their own directions. Pouring straight from those dark clouds, but whenever I try to reach out my hand. Those droplets were now scattered. To the even, uneven, and rough surfaces. I thought I know where each drop will land but, I was wrong. Was it the wind? Maybe or maybe not, but even if there is no wind, you cannot predict where the droplets will land.

Maybe that is why I love the rain. I am those droplets. Planning the life that I want to live at the very beginning, as I grow up to be someone I aspire to be. I choose to want I want and what to do, then continue taking that so-called ‘straight path’ that will lead me to my dreams and plans. We do what we think was right and what other people tell us. Because we want to be on that right path just like everybody else. Until I realize that I’m just like the rain, that no matter what plan I have in my life, if it’s not meant to be, then it won’t be and that’s okay. Just like every drop of rain that falls to the ground, proving that you’ll be where you need to be, whether in the trees that stand tall, the flowers that just don’t look up at the sun but waits for the rain as well, just like those wild animals by the lakes, ponds, rivers, and ocean to quench their thirst. and just like rain, I too, fall. Fall hard, rough, and sometimes softly, but again, it’s okay because falling also means growing just like trees and flowers, falling makes you see that sometimes, you’re not the one in need, but you’re the one needed. And like what the clouds do when it’s heavy, let those burdens fall so you can see how downfall is not that bad at all because after all, downfall can make you rise like the rainbow.

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