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“Is it a mystery why people fall in love? Is it a mystery why it happens and when it comes? Is it a mystery why some love grows and is it really a mystery why some love fails?”
I was on my way home when I started to ask myself of those questions. Thought of, why don’t we analyze those mysteries? Look for some reasons and causes? I have a good faith in love and dumating ako sa point na I want to know every detail about it. Gusto ko lang talaga maintindihan ang love. I want to hear stories from different places, different scenarios and different people describing love. Ano kaya ibig sabihin ng love sa mga matatandang committed na for a long time? ‘til death do us part ba? Paano kaya sa mga kabataan? Ano kaya ang love sakanila? Is it passionate? Is it short-lived? Or inaasa lang nila sa tadhana like kung tayo, tayo talaga? HAHAHAHA! How about those people na hindi pa nakikita or naghihintay pang dumating ang love? How about long term relationships? Can they still describe love? How it is to be in love? What are the challenges? How to keep a lasting relationship? Are those mysteries?

As I’m thinking of those questions inside my head, I was like, “how about me?”. What if I were to be asked? How can I describe love?
*So many questions…*
But I thought, maybe it’s a gift? Just as life itself, it comes and goes. That when love comes to you in full flower, you need to embrace it tight and take good care of it. Or maybe sometimes you just really need to wait for your turn? Minsan naman siguro hindi lang feel ng love mag-stay? In this kind of situation, siguro you don’t need to feel bad about yourself lalo na kung ginawa mo ang best mo to make sure that love will work. So many questions inside my head and I want to know the answer for our hearts feel the same pains and joys even if our lives and ways are different.
Maybe, we don’t choose love? Maybe love chooses us? For love maybe has its own time, own season and own reason?


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