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[He said “I love you” last night. Do I really have to reply back with an “I love you, too”?]
This is just a common question from a girl who has the same feeling for a boy, but is not yet ready to utter those words. As for her, those are sacred and can change her suitor’s life. And I think, there’s nothing wrong with that. Those are her beliefs, after all.
Love is a commitment, not just a typical “Babe, I posted something, please comment.” Besides, you don’t have to force yourself to say or even reply that just to satisfy his heart’s cravings and feelings, tapos iiwan ka lang din naman in the end. Don’t stress yourself too much. Hayaan mo muna, let him wait and prove that he can really do that for you.
A real man can wait even if he knows that you’re just starting to gain trust and open your heart for him.
Meaning, as a new planted seed, you can still take your time without feeling pressured by his existence.
‘Wag kang marupok kay Antonio! Manliligaw pa lang siya, iniisip mo na agad kung saan ang reception ng kasal niyo! Batuhin kita ng turon na may langka eh! Hmmmp!

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