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Sa lahat ng naghihintay, there will always be “the one” na nakalaan para sa inyo.

Para nga pala ito kay Jim Karlo Pia.

For so long, love was an unrequited feeling, an unreturned text and calls, unresolved ending, hanging questions and uncertainties. Love was one-sided fight against the overwhelming odds and dark worries that I would eventually lose. Love was me trying in vain to hold onto a relationship that was past the point of saving. Love was cynicism, that if the love I believed in left me in the worst possible way, what hope do I have to meet the right person?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I thought if love wasn’t meant for me, maybe I shouldn’t fight against it anymore. I started to be my own company instead of yearning to find and be with someone. I was more concerned with guarding my heart and not getting hurt than anything else.

God knows how hard I cried while telling Him “I am finally giving up my hopes because all these years, nothing seems changing.” But then, God is a God who knows when, who and how…


The exact words that describes our story.

It was silent, and I never saw it coming until the waves came crashing without any hint of halt. And I am still amazed by how God orchestrated this love story. He knew that we needed to be strong, mature, and brave kind of individuals by letting us experience life’s difficulties, hardships, heartaches, and brokenness before He decided to finally let us meet.

Almost eight years… That is how long God made me wait. It was not easy, as you know. It was moments of giving up, losing faith, walking away from hope. I lived my life as an independent woman who ticked off that finding-a-chance-of-love on my bucketlist, seriously.

Without any idea, I’d like to thank those “deep hugot articles” I was writing years ago as a blessing in disguise as it crosses your newsfeed every now and then… and that made you remember me.

Who would have thought that all these years God knows that the man I will pray for was someone I had met fifteen years ago at the four corners of our high school perimeters? Unbelievable until now but it happened.

And right now, my love as you read this…

I didn’t know how beautiful and empowering love could be until I fell in love with you.

They always say that one day you will meet someone who makes you realize why it had never worked out with anyone before. And as cliché as it is, I’m starting to see why. Since getting together with you, I understand why my past relationship had to fail. Why I had to have my heart broken. Why I been through what I did.

I am glad and relieved that after all these times of journeying my life alone, my path had been leading up to meeting you and falling in love with you. The past lessons we have been through were all instruments to know how can we be the best versions of ourselves before we could love each other.

Thank you for taking away my fears, pushing me to the best of my abilities and not tolerating my bad habits and flaws. Thank you for making me realize that I can be so much more, that I can do better.

Now that we’re together, I feel blessed everyday to be with the person that I didn’t dare to dream I would meet. I feel humbled and surreal to be greatly loved and appreciated by you all the time. My heart wants to scream in full bliss whenever I hear you say that you love me, whenever I hold your hand and you hold it back even tighter, and the way you look at me as if I am the greatest being that ever existed.

And just like that, you made me believe in one thing…

Fight for the fairytale, it does exists.

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