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I like him, I am praying for him. But I am not closing doors yet. I am open to any other possibilities.

He’s not the usual head-turner. He’s not what girls would be head over heels for. He’s not that “hot” nor is he that “rich.”

My friends would even laugh when they knew I had a crush on him. But it’s fine. It’s just crush after all, right? Even so, I am not opening a door exclusively for him. I keep myself reserved until the right man comes. I cannot invest for now yet. No, I don’t want to be misled by assumptions. We’re good friends and that would continue.

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It’s just that… His faith is just… I cannot really explain…

Maybe he’s not the head-turner but he’s the laugh initiator. Maybe he’s not what girls would be head over heels for but he’s someone you would pull over your heels to submit to. Maybe he’s not that hot, but his passion for the lost burns. Maybe he’s not that “rich” but his mansion in heaven is definitely overwhelming.

Right now, I am really attracted not with his physical characteristics, but with what he seriously believes in, his faith in His Jesus Christ.

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