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You are supposed to be a Princess. With all the glitters and golds dreaming for a happily ever after.

But you have become a Warrior. A Warrior Princess. With the kind of life offered to you, you learned the art of fighting to overcome.

While everyone expects you to move with gentleness and in silence, you act with strength and in confidence.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Don’t be sorry that you are strong.

I am sorry they don’t know the story behind of what you have to go along.

Hey, You are Strong, Beautiful and more…

I admire the strength you give when you forgive quickly.

I admire the every pieces of your heart that you willingly share just to make others feel loved.

I admire how you lift up someone’s hope despite the burdenĀ of your own problems.

I admire how you build relationships in this world full of no commitments.

I admire your every intentionality to honor and submit in humility.

I admire you.

Knowing how you’ve fought for the Kingdom when the King and your Princes were weak.

Knowing how you keep surviving despite of leading a castle that has no Queen.

Knowing all the tears you have shed because you are in pain and battling alone.

Knowing that each day, you have to struggle well.

I admire the One who made You.

He made you so strong enough to overcome the life you have to go through.

He knows that you have to, you need to be a STRONG WOMAN.

One day, someone will stand beside you who is never intimidated or afraid of your strength;

because He knows to himself, He is a STRONG MAN and He can lead you.

Keep your Head Up High.

Up there is the source of your strength.

Welcome to the Fight Warrior Princess!

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