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Some friendships are unexpected, some we really wanted. It could have started in school, in work or even our friends from social media. But all true friends came to us as gifts above.

It feels great to know that when life strikes us down, there will be hands that will pull us up. They can be our crying shoulder and we can be vulnerable in front of them without being judged.

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When we do not have the will power to do the things we should do, even if they know it will hurt us but it will be for our good in the long run, friends always give us a push in the back to do it.

Friends can be our retreat. It’s nice that after a long day of stress and disappointments, there are people we can call and tell our story to. Even when they do not do anything, even without offering a hot beverage of comfort, it is just magical that their mere company lifts us up.

We are in a situation where we can hardly be with our friends due to the pandemic. But through social media, we can reach out to them. Call your friends and be their safe haven, too, in this difficult time.

Nothing can be more comforting than talking to those who really understand you. Real friends are truly our safe haven.

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