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“One should know when new beginnings are needed, where one must not continue to dwell in the midst of the pain and hurting.” Have you ever find felt like your drowning in the pain of the past and the hurts brought to you by the person/s you love? How’s the heart break from a broken relationships? How’s the unrequited love from your best friend or friend?

I choose to write to you today to let you know that the pain and hurt is not permanent. Believe me, though we might not share the same experience or fate I truly wanted to let you know that it will all go and pass because its temporal. I myself have been in a dire situation of wallowing into these feelings of hurting.

To share a bit of my story, I have an old(past) good friend whom I constantly conversed with day and night for at least 5years. I’d like to think that he is a good friend until today. I thought it was special to have a friend that I could talk to as soon as I wake up til the dawn. A genuine friendship that’s what I call it at times because I could always be totally honest with him. But fast forward I decided to stop talking to him, that time I prayed so hard to God that I asked Him to take  the pain away. I decided to stop talking to him when I learned that he (my old friend) was not being honest with me. He didn’t tell me about his relationships even though we were able to talk day and night even in different sides of the world. He knows that I won’t speak with him when he is in a relationship because I respect him and the girl he’s dating. I hated that he thinks he is never at fault about it. I ended our daily conversations up until today I never replied back and he never reached out again.

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But you know what from this experience God made me realize that if I find happiness, joy, peace and love in a person, thing or situation all will just result in a heartache. This made me reflect upon myself and see that I can only gain genuine true love and joy in God. He is my source and security in all facets of life. That goes to you as well it is only in God , the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ that you will be filled and completed in whatever you are looking for in love, family, career, finances & etc.

I hope upon stumbling on this post you would feel God’s love and presence upon you. And lastly let me assure you that You can do it!

You can move on!

You can overcome the pain!

You can conquer what’s ahead on you! and You are greatly loved and treasured by God! Thank you for reading til the end! I’ll be your late night friend 😀 God Bless you!

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