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Reliever? Yes, I am!
I can change.
I might change.
I will change
I mean after all change is the only permanent in this world.

Reliever? Yes, I am!
I do chores for others.
I do switch tasks.
I do have a fickle mind.
I mean growth never stops.

Reliever? Yes, I am!
Doubts running in my mind.
Heart, there flows unsure emotions.
In my mind runs trouble.
I mean the world is round.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Reliever? Yes, I am!
Plans for the future
Lessons from the past
Experiences at the present
I mean life has its ups and downs.

Reliever? Yes, I am!
I walk back and forth.
I run towards and then make U-turns.
I move forward.
I mean life must go on, regardless.

Reliever? Yes, I am!
Stars shine high above.
Clouds pour an amount of rain.
Moon gleams in the darkness.
I mean things happen for reasons.

Reliever? Yes, I am!
I spell pain as L-E-S-S-O-N.
I cripple at the first stage
I ended it with a “Bang!”
I mean “Bang!” leaves an impact.

Reliever? Yes, I am!
Two syllables. English.
Pierced, smashed, grief.
Involuntary movements.
I mean heartbreak after all makes us strong.

Reliever? Yes, I am!
I cry. A lot.
I laugh. At times.
I smile. I don’t know why.
I mean it’s good than having a deadpan.

Reliever? Yes, I am!
I can be someone else.
I can be you.
I can be me.
I mean we all sometimes change.

Reliever? Yes, I am!
Like a pencil being sharpened
Like a bird soaring high.
Like a car for a test drive.
I mean I relieve myself – nevertheless, regardless.



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