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In many instances & situations, I want to go back in time, rewind my life, go fix & change things in the past to make a difference in the present, stop or prevent any negative, unnecessary & nullifying aftermaths. But the reality is that I don’t have what it takes in doing that time travelling. I am powerless and unable to bring back what had already happened in the past. If I can only foresee & visualize things that would happen in the future as a result of my actions in the present, then I might be able to prepare and make the best out of me during the present time.

The truth is that, I want to reset and change everything about myself, maybe my name would be an exemption. I want to reconstruct the story of my life. I feel so exhausted in my present life; a life full of judgments, discouragements, comparisons, pain and agony, loneliness, sadness, rejections, grieving, mourning and sorrow, problems and troubles, brokenness, grudge and hatred, pride and prejudices. Almost everything gives a pang in my heart. I may have a sweet smile plastered on my face on public but when the time comes when I’m all alone, I cry with all my heart. Every move I make, there is always a limitation because of the judgments of others. I want to have a new life, new me and a new identity of which I can be true to myself. No more masks to be worn; no more plasticity– simply just being me. I also want to serve more for the Lord. I would want Him to rule over my life and use me for His greater glory from the day that I was born.

I am a girl who wears a mask that already has its cracks. The cracks represent the judgments and breakdowns that I am going through. Because of stress, depression, judgments, insults, prejudices and etc. I might not can’t take it anymore that’s why you can see tears falling from my eye. My real beauty is hidden from the outside world. The real identity of a person will be known through his works of art. If you do not know who the real person is, just look straight to his eyes and you will have a hint of who he really is. Every individual have their own stories and experiences that made them who they are today. As a help to them, never judge just by looking at them… know their stories and comfort them. Help them to rebuild themselves and stand in front of this reality.

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