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On the end of the day we have no one but ourselves.

Back then, I am a lost soul on the deep of the abyss far from the light. I experienced things, bad things, that I thought has no ending and that will gonna last forever. I spent most of my time thinking if I am lovable or if someone will ever love me for the person that I am. Months, years have passed and here I am found the best love that a human person can ever achieved and have, self-love.

Before achieving “self-love” I go through the darkest and hardest part of my life, I feel very lonely and suffered depression for not finding my worth, I kept thinking that a single person like me, a dust in the world and a microscopic being in the universe have no worth and will never going to find it. I know that you’re reading this right now because you are also finding it hard to love yourself but I will tell you a secret on self-love and it is self-appreciation. You can’t love yourself if you can’t appreciate yourself. By appreciating yourself you will find your worth and on how important are you to the people around you and on how the world needs a person like you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You are worth it and loved, you deserve all the happiness in the world and always remember that there is a rainbow after the rain. Let go of the memories, happenings or people that make you feel unlovable, look on the great things in life, it is beautiful.

If people can’t make you happy and their actions are just hurting you and making your self-esteem low, cut them off.

You are a beautiful creation, learned to love yourself because if you don’t then who will? Accept your mistakes and flaws embrace them and it will turn into your strength, a strong human who learned to appreciate and love himself. Do it only few people can.

I can proudly say that I love me and you can do it too. I trust in you.




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