When my mood suddenly change that doesn’t mean that I want to be notice, perhaps you said something insensitively and that hurt me.

When I rant about what I am feeling it’s not because I want to be notice, maybe all my feelings that’s been bottled inside overpowered my sense of control and it just pours out.

When I suddenly coop in a corner and not talk to anyone that doesn’t mean that I want to be noticed but maybe I’ve exhausted all my social energy and I need to recharge quickly so that I won’t get drained.

I am sorry if it caused misunderstanding it just so hard for me to explain everything. This mood swings are really taking a toll on me and everyone around. They rush without signal.
I am very sorry if it makes you uncomfortable believe me I’m trying my hardest but I just can’t. It’s a very tiring battle but the worst comes at night. I hate it.