She vs. Me

She's funny. I'm annoying. She's emotional. I'm dramatic. There's a difference, you see. I miss her, I don't if she still misses me. But to the one whom I send this message, let me say, I AM SORRY. She's beautiful and pretty. I'm fat and lazy. She can dance. I have two left feet. There is a difference, you see. But to the girl whom I've been waiting for, let me say, I AM SORRY. Why do I apologize? You know it. It's so easy to admit Our differences could define "US" I'm sorry if I'm making such a fuss. But if you'd open up you're heart again I swear I will be a better man. The man you've always been praying for. The man who will love you and will hold you're hand. So babe, we may face "VS." moments May it be that we will grow And get to know each other more That way, we can love each other more and more. She is out there, I am waiting. Will she come home? I am hoping. There can be differences, you see. And after all the things we've been, in my heart, I will still let you in.


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This is me and her.

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